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First-Party Personalization in a Cookieless World

Digital advertising is impacted by rapid change in both technical (ITP, TCF) and regulatory (GDPR, CCPA) frameworks related to privacy. While sometimes referred to as “the post-cookie world”, these changes are significantly broader than just cookies. They affect every aspect of advertising including segmentation, retargeting, personalization, consent, data-retention, geographical data distribution limitations, security, ability to share data with 3rd parties, and data-deletion programs.

From a performance perspective, industry-wide yields previously achieved through identity-based targeting will continue to decline. To combat this, RevJet clients increasingly (a) focus on creative optimization to achieve significantly higher campaign yields, and (b) increase the prominence of non-identity based trafficking (such as contextual targeting and triggers) in their rule mix.

RevJet Universal ID (RUID)

Consolidate all the identities from your partners into a single identity graph


Consumer data flows into the consumer profile (keyed against multiple identities, formulating the RevJet Universal Identity).

From here it can be further segmented and transformed, or fed through the RevJet AI Model Manager to form the basis of ML recommendations.

Works off-line:
Works with your proprietary CRM ID

Consolidates many different sources of identity including:

TapAd ID
TradeDesk Unified ID
LiveRamp Identity Link
DSP identity like the MediaMath
Connected ID
Tracking IDs like AAM ID or SiteCat ID
Proprietary IDs like a brand’s “Customer ID”
Point-of-sale (cash register) data or other off-line transaction data
If customers are working with cross-device vendors like DrawBridge, Signal, etc, we are able to onboard their device graph as part of our Universal ID.

RevJet Consented Identity (RCI)

RevJet Consented Identity (RCI) powers personalized marketing experiences by combining first-party ad serving with the RevJet Universal ID. Now, marketers can develop experiences that leverage first-party online & offline data, contextual information, and triggers without third-party cookies simply. With RCI, marketers rest assured that omni-channel, personalized experiences get delivered flawlessly and in compliance with all privacy regulations.

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First-Party Ad Serving

By coupling with RevJet first-party ad serving and RevJet’s Universal ID, marketers can personalize without 3rd-party cookies.

The RevJet First-Party Ad Serving Solution

Runs within your domain
Is fully compliant with TCF 2.0
Eliminates the need for separate cookies
Is privileged under ITP
Allows for cross-device attribution
Powers Geo-Data Segregation (for GDPR) and Consumer Data Deletion (for CCPA)
Boasts ISO 27001 Certification (for both GDPR and CCPA)
Integrates with all major DSPs, eliminating the need to store the DSP ID in cookies
RevJet Instant ID Sync (RIIDS)
For brands with existing ID solutions, RevJet is an open platform that can integrate with an/all identity solutions
No need for cookie-sync
No problems with match-rates
Calls your ID providers right before RevJet ad loads

RevJet has partnered with LiveRamp to enable identity-based creative personalization
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