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Account Setup
Configure your account settings to meet the unique needs of your organization.
AI Background Removal
AI Background Removal enhances image editing by swiftly and accurately isolating subjects from backgrounds, saving time and ensuring consistency across multiple images—a benefit to designers during the creative design process.
AI Classifier & Object Localizer
The AI Classifier & Object Localizer is a powerful tool that helps automatically analyze and classify images based on their content. With it, you can easily identify various elements within images such as colors, faces, product attributes, and more. This information illuminates your customers' needs and preferences and can empower you to create more personalized and relevant marketing campaigns
AI Headline Generator
The AI Headline Generator is a powerful tool that creates new headlines or custom text based on your prompts. Headlines can be aligned with your brand voice and messaging, providing additional choices that resonate with your target audience. This improves the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and increases your conversion rates.
AI Image Model Builder
The AI Image Model Builder is a versatile administration tool designed for the AI Image Idea Generator. This user-friendly app simplifies the management and optimization of AI models, empowering users to create customized, high-performance image generation solutions that elevate the creative process and drive innovation.
AI Model Manager
Design, train, and test AI recommendation models
AI Object Selector
AI-powered object selection revolutionizes image editing by efficiently and accurately identifying and cropping desired elements within an image. This technology benefits designers by saving time, enhancing precision, and simplifying complex selections, leading to improved workflows and higher-quality results.
AI3 (AI Image Idea) Generator
The AI3 (AI Image Idea) Generator is a groundbreaking tool that helps generate new ideas for images. With it, you can get inspiration for new images based on your own creative vision or on data from your website or other marketing materials. This leads to the creation of more engaging and effective marketing campaigns.
Animated GIF
Export animated GIFs for use in non-served environments or for inclusion in other creative experiences.
Ensure your ads are brand compliant, with secure and comprehensive approval records. Features include advanced markup, discussion, and escalation.
Asset Optimization (MVM)
Asset Optimization, also known as Multi-Variant Manager, empowers users to efficiently test and optimize display creatives through asset rotation within a single creative. By selecting asset-enabled creatives, users can experiment with multiple pre-approved assets—such as headlines, subheaders, CTAs, and images—in real time. Easily combine and preview different asset variations, and monitor their performance in Flight Deck through corresponding Experience Groups.
Audience Center
Build, manage, and update custom audiences in real time via detected and imported audience segments.
Behavior Query Language (BQL)
BQL is domain-specific language designed to analyze and interpret user interactions. It enables developers, analysts, and marketers to query user behavior data, gain insights into user engagement patterns, and optimize the user experience. By translating complex events into comprehensible queries, BQL simplifies the process of understanding and leveraging user behavior for data-driven decision-making and enhanced creative performance.
Bid Manager
Bid Manager enables the enterprise and your advertisers to target Experiences using Behavioral Query Language and to price competing bids with budgets and pacing.
Business Process Automator (BPA)
With Innervate’s Business Process Automator, you can easily construct and enable bespoke processes and automate them to your existing requirements. Or, create entirely new, streamlined business processes with BPA scripts.
Co-Pilot Creative Automator
The Co-Pilot Creative Automator is a powerful tool for creating multiple creative designs at scale, inspired by creative templates and first-party and/or third-party data. This can save a lot of time and effort and help you create more engaging and effective marketing campaigns.
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Today, most companies try to solve complex CX problems in silos—but with so many moving parts, a comprehensive solution is the best way to break those silos down. Innervate gets all of your systems talking to one another so you can do better work, with a solution that works the way you do.

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Get modern CX use cases to market faster with our open network, no-code architecture that connects systems and data sources.


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Innovate unlimited CX use cases across dozens of channels using your existing systems, data sources, and teams.


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Grow a robust portfolio of Dynamic CX use cases, enriched by the data and systems you’ve already networked.


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Personalize every aspect of your CX use cases to reach new audiences and build loyal customer engagement for future growth.