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Orora DCX OS

Our future-proof framework makes it easy to deploy new capabilities at the pace the market demands

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Explore Apps Available on the Orora AppXchange

A Simple Way to Stay Ahead of the Curve

In addition to Innervate's dozens of pre-built apps available in the AppXchange, Orora’s APIs make it easy to build even more apps, cutting the time and complexity of code development in half. What's more, Orora’s simple APIs provide access to a full array of powerful back-end systems.

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Where Creativity Meets Strategy

From ideation to innovation, get all of your creative teams operating under one roof. Orora OS powers the creation and targeting of audiences, data-driven decision-making, and assembly of personalized creatives and video.

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Real-Time Audience Engine
Collect, model, and score your users' behavior in milliseconds to track campaign engagement.
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Real-Time Product Engine
Manage and model product (SKU) data and pricing, and predict inter-product performance.
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Decision-Making Strategies
Conduct statistical decision-making: Confidences, Principal Component Analysis, Regression, Taguchi, and so on.
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Video, Audio, and Snapshot Compilation
Encode, transcode, and compile video, audio, and static snapshot images.
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Dynamic Content Delivery Engine
Dynamically assemble personalized creative content for delivery to any channel.
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Proactive Automation Made Easy

Put your data to work post-launch. Orora OS automatically collects billions of data points and acts intelligently and proactively by continuously learning from the data.

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Big Data
Collect, categorize, and aggregate billions of data points across media and site-side activity for lightning-fast analysis.
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Insight Engine
Automate identification of variance from baseline creative behavior across audiences.
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Learning Engine
Conduct continuous learning for audience clusterization to optimize creative response by each sub-audience.
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Expert System Engine
A Control Inference-based Business Rules Engine (BRE) advises on creative and experiment design.
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Lookalike Engine
Segment audiences of like-behaving consumers based on site and media behavior.
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People, Processes & Production in One Place

Manage people, processes, and production within and beyond the enterprise, and equip your teams with the tools they need to be successful.

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Enterprise Workflow Enablement
Get enterprise-grade workflow support to keep production on schedule and teams properly resourced.
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Creative Assets Management
Get a unique view of the creative production, from ideation to approval and every milestone in between.
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BPM Engine
Enable BPMN compliant business process management configuration.
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Complex Hierarchies
Monitor complex hierarchies of users and contacts across multiple teams, divisions, agencies, and publishers
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User & Permissions Management
Manage user and contact permissions across multiple teams, divisions, agencies, and publishers.