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Experience Connect

Connect your existing systems and data sources across any channel with Innervate's API-first  Experience Connect

IDC Spotlight: Fixing the Content Gap to Deliver a Dynamic Customer Experience
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Ad Server Connectors

Utilize our first-party ad serving solution or seamlessly connect Innervate with your existing ad serving tool.  Innervate works in harmony with your ad serving tool to provide unparalleled insight into creative performance without impacting your current media performance reporting approach.  With our plug-and-play Ad Server Connectors you and your media partners don’t need to change your existing processes all while gaining the ability to deliver customer experiences that support every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Creative Connectors

Design and produce creative with our Creative Automation Suite or connect with your favorite creative development tools to simplify creative workflows.  With Innervate's plug-and-play Creative Connectors, you can create complex video timelines and animations from any leading creative tool and easily import into Innervate for instant use.  

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Data Connectors

Connect to an unlimited number of data sources to enhance customer experiences across any touchpoint.  Innervate’s play-and-play Data Connectors make it easy to incorporate audience data, catalog data, real-time inventory and pricing feeds, and more.  Now, activating data for personalized CX is seamless and simple.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) Connectors

Unleash the power of Generative AI with our Digital Asset Management (DAM) App Suite or connect with your existing DAM tool. Innervate’s plug-and-play DAM Connectors bi-laterally sync with your DAM tool to ensure better collaboration, improved organization, increased efficiency, and flawless brand consistency.

DMP & CDP Connectors

Enjoy the benefits of Innervate’s included CDP Suite for comprehensive data collection and actionable customer insights or connect to leading CDP tools, seamlessly.  Now you can harness the power of cross-channel marketing via integration with all of your existing CX data sources and systems.


Tag Management & Brand Safety Connectors

Take advantage of Innervate’s included Tag Management Suite for better user experience, faster loading times, and improved data accuracy or seamlessly connect to your existing tag management, brand safety, or viewability provider.  Our plug-and-play Connectors foster flexibility, improved data governance, and simplified integration with other CX technologies to deliver truly powerful Customer Experiences.


Workflow Connectors

Deploy Innervate’s Workflow / BPM Suite to improve collaboration across teams and stakeholders or connect to your existing workflow tool in a plug-and-play manner.  Innervate connects with leading workflow tools to drive efficiencies by automating repetitive tasks like creative review, markup and approval. Streamlining your processes makes you more agile, increases visibility, and improves customer experience.