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Business Process Automation for CX



Business process automation (BPA) is the silent engine powering today's companies as they achieve more efficient workflows, reduce manual tasks, and upgrade working environments for their teams. Now,  it’s also instrumental for forward-thinking companies to leverage when creating unique, memorable, and compelling customer experiences (CX). 

Or, at least, it should be. 

BPA offers businesses a way to save money, increase staff productivity, and support the retention of high-quality employees while boosting creativity and improving CX. 

That may sound nice, but you could wonder, is BPA stirring up industry hype with no substance? Or is it truly the missing puzzle piece in your CX creation process? Let's break it down, starting with a third question: How do companies create and manage CX? 

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The Current State of Customer Experience Management

Many businesses still rely on outdated segmentation strategies, siloed creative processes, and a lack of strategic investment in CX. 

And, to make matters worse for everyone concerned, these companies—which even include Fortune 500 industry titans—are often using manual processes to fuel their CX. Perhaps it’s not surprising that nearly 60 percent of 300 recently surveyed C-suite executives ranked their first-contact CX as “poor” or “inadequate.”

Manual, repetitive, and mundane CX management may threaten an organization’s ability to move forward and innovate effectively. Today’s market requires more agility, volume, and creativity than manual processes can deliver. 

Don’t believe us? Here’s a closer look: 

  • Manual creative production is inefficient and hard to coordinate. Further, it’s time-consuming, often error-prone, and fails to deliver a CX that resonates with a diverse customer base—or that can be updated seamlessly based on real-time data. 
  • Manual CX trafficking, or the system you use to move CX elements from point A to B, shouldn't resemble a traffic jam. When performed manually, CX trafficking gets delayed, is chaotic, lacks visibility, and often results in a disjointed customer journey.
  • Manual CX analysis and reporting are time-consuming and usually wrong. Data is gold, but manually mining and summarizing it is mind-numbing. The result? Your business lacks timely, accurate insights that could steer your strategy.
  • Manual CX approvals and compliance result in a maze of red tape, endless email chains, and the ever-present dread of overlooking a detail. It's not only slow (or nonexistent), but it's also a minefield of potential missteps. 
  • Manual CX asset management is disorganized and inaccessible. Without a centralized system, it’s challenging to locate CX assets efficiently. This can lead to duplication, version control issues, and difficulty retrieving assets.
  • Manual CX optimization and experimentation are inconsistent and slow and tend to result in redundant reinvention of the wheel. As a result, you’ll have difficulty quickly identifying ways to improve your CX or capitalize on fast-moving opportunities. 

Trying to deliver modern customer experiences with manual CX processes is akin to trying to build a state-of-the-art rocketship with a stone-age toolkit. But here's the good news: There's a solution, and it's easy to implement and accessible for all. 

Enter business process automation for CX. 


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The Future of CX: Business Process Automation with Experience Automate

The future of CX isn't just on the horizon; it's knocking on our doors. Business Process Automation for CX use cases will help us usher in this future and start benefiting from a more dynamic CX as seamlessly as possible. 

Automating CX may feel like a heady leap forward, one that likely requires immense team reeducation and programming know-how. It doesn’t have to be that way—especially if you leverage Experience Automate for your CX. 

What is Experience Automate?

Experience Automate is your magic wand for CX. It's a suite of low-code BPA tools tailored for CX use cases. 

Think of Experience Automate as the bridge between old-world manual processes and the more streamlined operations you want to launch. It’s simple to start, simple to use, and simple to scale (three of our very favorite things—and, we suspect, yours as well). With Experience Automate’s low-code BPA tools, even those who aren't tech wizards can easily automate the nitty-gritty, cumbersome aspects of orchestrating CX.

What are the benefits of automating CX with Experience Automate? 

Think back to the manual, cumbersome CX management woes we detailed earlier. From CX production and trafficking to reporting, iteration, and beyond, embracing a BPA approach with Experience Automate can help you and your company enjoy:

Massive Efficiency Gains 

Remember the days of slogging through repetitive tasks? Those are history. Your software solutions can now handle the mundane, allowing teams to operate at peak efficiency.

Elevated Employee Experiences

With routine tasks off their plates, your team can sidestep burnout and channel their energy into what they love: innovating, collaborating, and creating. 

Faster Time to Market 

Automation ensures you're always a step ahead of your customers (and competitors), delivering experiences that resonate at the speed your market demands. 

Data-Driven Insights to Help You Improve Continuously

Experience Automate can help you spend less time mining your data and more time using it. With insights that are accurate, actionable, and accessible, you’ll understand much faster where to pivot and where to push.

Consistent, Customized User Experiences 

With automation, you ensure every user gets the same high-quality experience every single time—and it’ll feel so tailored to their situation and goals that it’ll seem you’re reading their minds. 

Experience Automate and its low-code BPA tools can change how we view work. Onboarding Experience Automate is the first step in delegating repetitive tasks to our tech tool kit and letting humans do what they do best: invent, create, and connect.

What does that tech tool kit include?


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Your New Co-Pilot Suite: Essential Tools for CX Enhancement

Experience Automate contains a suite of tools designed to help you elevate your CX game as intuitively and powerfully as possible. You’ll come to rely on these tools as you would a co-pilot. 

Let’s explore what your new co-pilot is capable of. 

Co-Pilot Interface: Your CX Canvas

This tool helps you craft interfaces tailored to your unique needs. With our custom front-end forms and wizards, you can ensure every interaction is on brand and resonant. You can also set the interface to literally speak your language, ensuring your digital platforms automatically reflect your company's distinct language and naming conventions. 

Co-Pilot Agents: The Workhorses Behind the Scenes

These software scripts are at your beck and call to handle the heavy lifting for you. Your agents handle repetitive tasks, from building to deploying, so you can focus on strategy, creativity, and connection. Together, you’ll ensure your digital customer experiences are top-notch and hassle-free.

Co-Pilot APIs: The Power to Craft Custom Solutions

Advanced customization and comprehensive resources help those looking to push boundaries. Whether you seek a unique integration or a specialized feature, the sky's the limit. Explore our growing suite of APIs, SDKs, and documentation. It's a treasure trove for those keen on innovation, ensuring you have all the resources to bring your vision to life.

With the co-pilot suite by Experience Automate, you can free your team from getting bogged down by repetitive tasks and instead lead your industry by automating your CX. 

Sound too good to be true? We get it—and that’s why we’ll take a moment now to bust a few misconceptions you may find standing in your way.




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Why You Need Business Process Automation for CX: Debunking Misconceptions

Change is difficult. Progress isn’t always intuitive. While we’re giving you the tools for an easy, seamless transition to automating your CX, we understand that you may face some friction as you move forward or get your team on board. 

Here’s our perspective to help set the record straight. 

BPA Myth No. 1: You need to be a coder to succeed in this industry. 

Reality check: With low-code platforms such as Experience Automate, even those without a developer's hat can join the party. The co-pilot interface is designed for everyone, allowing non-developers to craft custom front-end forms and wizards that resonate with their brand's voice. The freeing, exciting takeaway? Automation is no longer a coders-only club.

BPA Myth No. 2: All of this is way too complicated.

Reality check: Think automation is a maze? Think again. Experience Automate offers intuitive tools that make the journey straightforward. And it's not just talk; businesses worldwide are realizing and reaping the benefits of business process automation. 

BPA Myth No. 3: Automation is the future—not the present.

Reality check: If you're waiting for the "right time" to dive into automation, we’ve got good news: Now is the right time. Your customers want it. Your team deserves it. And, with solutions such as Experience Automate at hand, you have the power to implement it. What are you waiting for? 

BPA Myth No. 4: You need to buy a plethora of tools.

Reality check: If you’ve ever gotten intrigued by a new tech opportunity and then felt crestfallen when it turned out to be just another thing you had to buy, we get it. We’ve been there. That’s why we offer simple, versatile solutions that you can use with software and platforms you already have on hand.

Experience Automate’s all-in-one approach ensures you have everything you need under one roof. The result? Significant cost savings and efficiency gains.



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