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Smart ProjeCX

Collaborate in real time with customized, editable workflow and approval processes

Women using tablet and UI of Smart ProjeCX Customer Experience
Innervate's Orora OS Makes Your CX Solution Future-Proof

Smart ProjeCX's Purpose

Want to Collaborate? There's a Smarter Way. 

Companies today are overwhelmed with digital CX demands. Without a plan in place, they risk falling behind and quickly rendering themselves obsolete.

Smart ProjeCX provides a better way to collaborate across teams, visions, and use cases. Streamlined customization and seamless process management give you the confidence to imagine, innovate, and execute on the fly.

Meet Smart ProjeCX

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Smart ProjeCX Benefits

Frictionless & Hassle-Free

With Smart ProjeCX, teams design customized, easily editable workflow and approval processes for any use case, all in one place. Real-time collaboration and communication make it easy to turn possibilities into products in a fraction of the time.

project management speed to market platform

Smart ProjeCX Benefits

Speedy Time-to-Market

Socialize and kick off new CX use cases on the fly for quick wins and accelerated launch times. With Smart ProjeCX, teams collaborate in real-time to reduce friction and get new ideas to market without the red tape. 

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Smart ProjeCX Benefits

One Team, One Mission

Act as one team, even with outside support. With SmartProjeCX, teams organize and visualize CX cases in one place with no gaps in understanding. Design your own workflows with a drag-and-drop interface that fits your organizational needs.

customer experience project management measure outcome through channels

Smart ProjeCX Benefits

Great Ideas, Even Better Outcomes

Organize and visualize CX cases in one place so you can turn great ideas into even better outcomes. As a team, ideate, iterate, and scale your creative vision into a reality. Post-launch, measure the engagement and gain actionable insights for future campaigns. 

Take Control of Your Digital Customer Experience

With a full suite of intuitive, versatile CX services and features, it's never been easier to exceed customers' growing demands while increasing your profitability and reducing your time-to-market.

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Teams & People

Break down big projects into manageable tasks by assigning each to-do to teams and team members.

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Business Data

Improve the performance of each of your campaigns by analyzing customer data and assessing outcomes. 

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Forms, Wizards, and UX

Optimize engagement, monitor leads, and track the impact of every CX service and feature offering.
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Collaborate within teams and across departments with our built-in messaging interface. 

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Workflow & Process

Monitor the progress of each project or task with workflow management and streamlined prioritization.

“A milestone in display advertising that creates room for new ideas.”

Alexander Brandt, Online Marketing Manager at OTTO