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Artificial Intelligence for CX



The way we think about AI in customer experience (CX) is rapidly evolving. If you’re an industry leader seeking to stay ahead of your competition, you’re going to need to apply AI in modern marketing strategies.

Whether you use AI to automate repetitive tasks (and free up your team’s valuable time) or to enable personalization at scale, you can leverage today’s latest solutions to deliver more engaging and effective customer interactions than ever before. 

If this seems complex or overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. Here’s your all-in-one guide to using AI strategically for world-class CX.

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The Rise of AI in Customer Experience

At first, AI's role in business was limited to basic tasks. Now, it influences the way businesses interact with their customers. 

As technology has advanced, so have AI's capabilities. For example, machine learning, a subset of AI, enabled systems to learn from data, identify patterns, and make decisions with minimal human intervention. This paved the way for more sophisticated applications in customer engagement.

Collaborative filtering, a technique used in recommendation systems, enabled the analysis of past behavior to make suggestions, much like recommending products on an e-commerce site. Other advancements, from natural language processing to sentiment analysis, have helped us learn more and more about the people modern businesses serve—and the best way to engage, enthrall, and excite them. (And, therefore, establish their loyalty over the long term.)


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Orchestration of CX at Scale with AI

Now that AI is impacting CX in such dramatic ways, it leaves us with a significant question: 

How can we leverage AI to roll out world-class CX at scale? 

Simple: Set up a system with AI at its core to do as much detail-heavy, repetitive work as possible. 

Wondering how you can make that happen? You pull out all the AI tools at your disposal. 

The Types of AI in Your Tool Kit

Today, industry leaders have three types (or “flavors”) of AI they can put to work. 

  1. Generative AI is helpful for creating, manipulating and iterating elements (visuals and text) of digital CX. 
  2. Decision AI makes recommendations, optimizes decisions, and helps you make smarter choices. 
  3. Discovery AI uncovers insights and monitors for anomalies in large datasets. 

Together, these types of AI can act as creative, strategic, and analytic support to help you connect with your customers more while reducing stress and burnout for your team. 

One perfect use case for these types of AI is AI-powered personalization.

AI-Powered Personalization at Its Best

You’ve experienced marketing that meets you where you are, seemingly reads your mind, and even (literally) calls you by name, right? 

Perhaps it was the marketing campaign for snow gear you saw right after booking a skiing trip or a helpful email reminding you of a book left in an online shopping cart that recommended another excellent read for you to try. 

These customer experiences might feel magical, but they don’t require a wand to pull off properly. 

If you have access to today’s cutting-edge efficiency solutions, creating personalized CX can entail: 

  • Dynamic content creation: Use AI to analyze customer data and create custom content that resonates with individual behaviors.
  • Predictive product recommendations: Use AI to map customers to perfect products based on their unique browsing habits and similar data.
  • Automated customer segmentation: Use AI to help segment your customers, which can allow you to create even more targeted CX.

CX Efficiency Wins with AI  

Think about your current CX asset creation process. Every sweeping background video and product thumbnail requires human time—and a lot of it. 

With AI streamlining the CX orchestration process, you can work toward efficiency benefits such as: 

  • Rapid asset production
  • Cost-effective content creation
  • Scalable asset customization
  • Consistent brand representation
  • Reduced human error

... in addition to your data-driven personalization benefits. You’ll also be able to respond to events and market trends faster, which can further help you engage with your target audience.


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Using AI to Build Stronger Connections with Customers

If you use AI well, you can free up team time and do more with less.

You can also drive long-term customer loyalty for your company. 

How? Great question. Here are a few ways AI can help you build strong connections with the people you serve.

Personalized, AI-Powered Product Recommendations

If you have customer data, and especially if you have a large volume of it, AI algorithms can analyze that information, including browsing history, demographic data, and past purchases. It can then accurately suggest products that are likely to resonate with each individual consumer.

Dynamic Content Delivery

AI can also help you create and roll out content that aligns with user interests. Whether you’re interested in displaying personalized homepage content or sending out targeted email campaigns, AI can help ensure that you’re only exposing customers to relevant information and offerings, which is a win for everyone concerned. 

Real-Time Adjustments

AI can update its recommendations by continuously adapting to changing user behavior. That means when a customer’s preferences evolve or when you release new products or services, AI can help you make sure what you communicate to your customers changes.

This level of personalization and engagement paints you as a brand that’s in the know and thoughtful—or, in other words, the precise type of business that customers want to connect with.




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Generative AI in CX

Generative AI, the type of AI suited to creating elements of digital CX, can be a game changer for teams in charge of world-class customer experiences. Whether you’re interested in creating personalized experiences at scale or using AI to connect with your customers on a human level, using generative AI can help you create more without overworking your creative teams. 

And that’s only the beginning

Generative AI can help us adapt to future needs and automate personalized content, fine-tuned in real time, to provide consumers with humanlike, engaging, totally dynamic experiences.

Practical Generative AI Implementation Tips 

The benefits are incredible. The value is clear. To write your AI in CX success story, you’ll need to implement generative AI into your processes very thoughtfully. 

Here’s what we recommend. 

  • Assess your processes first. Identify the precise steps of your standard operating procedures that AI could speed up or otherwise enhance.
  • Select an AI solution that delivers the exact functionality you need. Research to see if an existing versatile platform can cover multiple use cases to save time, money, and stress. (Bonus: If you’re looking for further ways to save time and stress, make sure that your chosen AI tools can integrate seamlessly with your existing tech stack.) 
  • Pilot AI for one specific use case to get familiar with your chosen solution.
  • Train your team on your chosen AI solution to help them get the most benefit from your enhanced processes. 
  • Continuously monitor and adapt your AI-assisted processes, and be ready to adjust them as needed for optimal performance. Remember, AI should be used to execute your business strategy. As your strategy evolves, so too should your approach to AI.


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The Future of AI in CX

What will the next years in artificial intelligence for CX look like? 

The CX landscape is poised for significant change because of AI and other emerging technological trends, including but not limited to: 

  • Predictive support for customer interactions, such as AI-written sales scripts based on next-product-to-buy probabilities 
  • Significantly streamlined operations as businesses integrate tech solutions to simplify back-end work and free up creative time for higher-level thinking
  • A rise in hyper-personalization as AI-driven algorithms allow companies to offer CX tailored ever more precisely to discrete audience segments
  • Smoother omnichannel experiences as brands realize they can leverage AI to roll out cohesive CX assets efficiently and effectively

If you’re excited to benefit from these and other emerging AI for CX trends, you’ll need to commit to keeping an eye out for the latest AI innovations and capabilities. Keep your teams trained, keep your mind open, and constantly seek new ways to level up your CX with the latest industry solutions and tools.


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Pioneering a New Era in CX with Innervate

We’re standing on the brink of a brand-new era in CX. If you’re interested in stepping into the future by using AI to create more efficient, personalized, and meaningful customer interactions, we’re here to help. Reach out to your CX team at Innervate to learn more about how we can help you leverage the power of AI to fuel your company’s success.

Download a PDF version of this guide by filling out the form

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