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How Generative AI Drives an Easier and Scalable Customer Experience

| January 18, 2023 | By

Generative AI is everywhere, with promises that it might eventually replace many human roles. If you’ve been following the stories on generative AI, you might wonder what it could do for your company. Well-designed AI can fundamentally alter your marketing plan, and potentially reduce your budget and human capital expenditures.

Among other features, generative artificial intelligence (AI) uses creative algorithms to help machines create and develop new content. Analysts once considered creative thinking in machines impossible, something only humans can do. Generative AI offers something that once lived only in the imaginations of scifi writers–leveraging the vast quantities of data it’s given, along with a user prompt—to learn new information and create completely new content. 

So how can you use this technology to improve the customer experience without having to increase your budget or staff? 

How is generative AI revolutionizing creative content?

To put it simply, generative AI uses basic, clearly defined rules to create new content, develop new content under supervision, and alter existing content based on specific rules and input the user created. 

A few examples of effective generative AI include AI-based instant messages, texts, and ad copy that uses AI to build a custom experience based on consumer data. 

What are the benefits of using generative AI?

Along with being a more affordable option for businesses to implement and less time-consuming for marketers or business owners, generative AI allows advertising teams to innovate with boldness, strategy, and intensity. When used for marketing, generative AI allows you to build personalized marketing and digital media content that will attract customers without having to custom design each individual ad. It can even create assistants that carry out tasks unique to certain businesses, such as food, retail, or even banking. 

This technology also allows marketers to create a dynamic, high-quality customer experience and a chance to become more competitive since many industry leaders are beginning to lean heavily on generative AI to save money, boost ROI, and more. 

Generative AI can also make a major difference in digital asset management (DAM). Older DAMs were inflexible and cumbersome, requiring marketers to sift through vast libraries of assets to find the right content. They didn’t do much to support a dynamic, quality customer experience either, let alone deliver true artificial intelligence. 

What’s the Innervate AI difference?

Generative AI is everywhere in the news, with creative chatbots and content generation garnering immense attention. Most of the attention, though, has focused on the technology, not the value it offers. 

“The RevJet DAM App Suite changes the game, empowering non-technical markers with generative AI that can orchestrate world-class dynamic customer experiences at scale, with a tiny fraction of the time and effort previously required,” RevJet founder and CEO MIthcell Weissman said. 

RevJet’s DAM App Suite allows designers to create brand-new images simply by describing the idea in plain English. These images can then be upscaled or face-corrected. AI Gen also supports the creation of an original image and imagining or filling in the background with any idea. This technology even gives designers the ability to upload a rough wireframe or sketch, and the AI will convert it to a high-quality original image.

AI Custom Product Models for AI3Gen allows customers to train AI models on specific product images. For example, if trained on a specific car model, the AI allows the designer to imagine the car in any color, in any location, or in any situation while remaining faithful to the actual product; it can even allow them to reimagine it as an oil painting or a cartoon. 

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