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RevJet on the Road: Spring 2018

, , | May 9, 2018 | By

It’s safe to say that the heart of spring 2018 was prime conference season at RevJet. Bookended by Adobe Summit US the last week of March and Adobe Summit EMEA the first week of May, the sales and marketing teams worked together to ensure success at three events during the month of April where RevJet had a strong presence.

MarTech West crew First up was “the world’s largest conference focused on programmatic media and marketing,” Programmatic I/O. The RevJet team enjoyed networking with companies from around Northern California and across the country, as well as hearing from prominent thought leaders in the space.

“Traffic is not the same as audience,” Susan Parker, Director of Ad Operation at the NY Times stated. “Traffic just passes by, but an audience is engaged.” The need to tailor content to your intended audiences was a common theme throughout the conference. “RevJet fits perfectly into the conversations that I have at Programmatic I/O,” said Donny Malinoff, Northern California Sales Director at RevJet. “We help the modern marketer improve marketing efficiency and accelerate business outcomes through our marketing intelligence, which collects billions of data-points and acts intelligently and proactively by continuously learning from the data.”

Candid event 01While those at Programmatic I/O were braving chilly San Francisco temperatures in the upper 50s, two other members of the RevJet team headed south to sunny Santa Barbara for the Digiday AI Marketing Summit. This was a smaller scale event, with a strong focus on maximizing those crucial high-impact connections that lead to business sessions. “I felt like the Summit was a good size,” said Chuck Carey, RevJet’s Southwest Sales Director. “Large enough to have a diverse set of attendees and industries represented, but small enough that it felt intimate and people were in general friendlier and more open to having conversations.”

Digiday also works diligently before the conference to pre-schedule eight minute meetings between attendees who are likely to find value in each other’s offerings. The organizers refer to it as “speed dating,” which then spurs countless conversations after hours during the more casual networking sessions. “The eight minute meetings are essential to the value that Digiday Summits bring for us,” Carey explained. “It gives me just enough time to give them a teaser of how much our technology will help them do their job, and then allows us to schedule a more in-depth follow-up after the Summit.”

To round out the busy month, RevJet sponsored MarTech West in San Jose, which focused on marketing technology management – “the fabric of the future.” The conference is programmed by conference chair Scott Brinker, who has documented the rise of marketing technology over the last eight years. In 2011, there were about 150 solutions in the space. That grew to about 1000 in 2014, the year RevJet was founded. And today, the landscape has massively expanded to 6,829 marketing_technology_landscape_2018_slide

So how do you successfully stand out in that crowd? “Get better at applying martech” by “balancing intelligence with emotion,” says Brinker. In many ways, this boils down to humanizing marketing by earning trust and infusing greater creativity and humanity when using innovative technology. “Hearing Brinker speak about using technology to grow creativity reminded me of our case study with Franklin Templeton Investments,” Brad McKeon RevJet’s Northwest Sales Director said. “They spoke about how using RevJet has unlocked creativity within the development and design teams.”

Having just wrapped up Adobe Summit EMEA in London at the end of last week, the RevJet team is gearing up for sponsorships at three more events in the next four weeks: Programmatic Pioneers in London, Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit in New Orleans, and The Marketing Forum USA in Northeast Florida. We hope to see you at one of them!

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