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Things move notoriously fast in the world of technology, but rarely do you see a company become an industry leader only 12 months after launching its product.  In The Forrester Wave™: Creative Advertising Technologies, Q4 2018 report released this month, RevJet was named a “Leader.” Forrester researched, analyzed, and scored the ten most significant industry vendors.  Based on an in-depth evaluation using 31 criteria, the report shows how each provider measures up to help B2C marketing professionals make the right choice when deciding amongst creative adtech vendors.

“We’re thrilled to be named a leader in the creative advertising experience space – especially after such a short time in market,” said Mitchell Weisman, RevJet’s Founder and CEO. It was just last fall that
Weisman was on stage with Stephen Leung, Head of Global Digital Advertising at Franklin Templeton Investments, announcing RevJet’s new Ad Experience Platform. Weisman promised the audience that it would bring unprecedented sophistication and power to each and every ad creative discipline.

The Creative Process graphicFranklin Templeton was one of RevJet’s first customers to use the new platform, and from the beginning, the financial services giant was impressed by RevJet’s robustness and beautiful interface. “RevJet has really reduced the complexity associated with digital creative,” Leung said. “Our marketing team moves much more quickly than before thanks to its simplicity. I’ve spent years managing digital marketing teams in financial services, and there simply isn’t another marketing creative platform out there that does everything RevJet does.” Back then, RevJet was a pioneer, powering the acceleration of the creative process while leveraging rich datasets and the insights of cross-functional teams to drive results. As Forrester states, “The creative process must be fast, iterative, and data-driven”.

Fast forward a year, and RevJet is still a leader of the pack. Forrester evaluated the 10 most significant providers of creative advertising technology across 31 criteria in order to help B2C marketing professionals make the right choice. By naming RevJet a “Leader” in The Forrester Wave, the analyst company signaled that RevJet was grouped into the highest rating in terms of the strength of current offering and strength of strategy moving forward. Distilling it down to the root, Forrester confirmed that RevJet was built for enterprises stating that “data-rich marketers looking for a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution and a partner to grow and innovate with should consider RevJet.”

Forrester goes on to elaborate on why RevJet stands out from the other vendors in the space, explaining that our product puts “a significant focus on making complex tasks simple” in the drive to enable better creative experiences independent of the media process. Forrester continues, “RevJet's unique approach to tag management, using a single tag to deploy and manage all creatives, simplifies operational processes compared with others that rely on a 1:1 tag to template structure.”

Content production graphicOne of the major components of the product that RevJet debuted last fall and that Forrester evaluated is the Orora appXchange. The appXchange allows easy installation of dozens of purpose-built marketing creative apps to power every aspect of digital marketing. Forrester recognized that RevJet’s “’app exchange’ model means each customer can create a customized RevJet instance tailored to its needs.”

Forrester concluded that the creative adtech space is still in its early days, so marketers in the category are still heavily reliant on vendor help. They are in good hands according to Forrester, as the report states that, “Creative ad technology platforms promise to bridge the gulf between the art and science of advertising and to inform creative development and execution with data that will result in compelling, relevant, and measurable advertising”.

Even though RevJet is utilized as a fully self-service platform, clients look to vendors that have strong managed service capabilities, like RevJet’s NextREV, to help them realize the more complex, yet valuable, areas of the space, such as cross-channel storytelling and decisioning. According to Forrester’s discussions with customers, RevJet fits this bill well, as one client described RevJet as "consolidated and streamlined," saying it has "learning built into the platform."

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