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Geotargeting: Use Cases for Highly Targeted Digital Ad Campaigns

September 5, 2023 | By

Ever celebrated a soccer win at a baseball game? Or packed snow boots for the beach? 

Good intentions—wrong context.

Geotargeting ensures your digital ads hit the mark, reaching the right audience in the right place. As industries all over the map zoom in on localization in their paid media and social media advertising strategy, mastering geotargeting isn't just smart—it's essential.

Decoding Geotargeting for the Digital Age

Geotargeting can sound like something straight out of a sci-fi flick, but it’s a very versatile tool that savvy advertisers are using today to increase the value, specificity, and relevance of their campaigns. 

Geotargeting involves marketing or advertising to a specific set of users based on their location. It’s a way to find customers by ZIP code, city, or even country and make sure you’re speaking their language—metaphorically and literally. By ensuring that your creative is ultrarelevant for people in a known area, you can increase the likelihood that your target demo will engage with your ads. 

One quick caveat before we move on: Geotargeting isn’t the same as geofencing. Geofencing is a little more specific; you might use geofencing to draw a digital circle around a specific district or neighborhood to post ads within a set boundary, while you would use geotargeting to ensure advertising relevance to people in a slightly broader area.


Unlocking Geotargeting Capabilities: It’s Far More Than Just a Pretty Map

The concept of geotargeting might bring images of a fancy digital map with pins and markers dancing before your eyes.

It's so much more than that. Dive deeper, and you'll discover a treasure trove of capabilities that can transform your paid media strategy and social media advertising game, including: 

Simple, Omnichannel Personalization

Imagine you’re speaking directly to someone precisely where they are and addressing their unique needs and preferences. With geotargeting, you can do just that—but on a grand scale. It allows you to tailor your message across your entire ad, marketing, and customer experience (CX) portfolio, ensuring you're consistently hitting the right note no matter where your audience is.

Automation (No More Manual Adjustments!) 

Tired of adjusting your creative to fit different locations? Geotargeting offers a smarter approach. When you implement geotargeting as a strategy with a tech stack that offers powerful automation, you can avoid the headache of manually tweaking your campaigns for myriad geographic regions. 

Rapid Innovation at a Low Risk

Geotargeting isn't just about precision; it's also about agility. With the insights it provides, you can run tests, experiment, and iterate more quickly without breaking a sweat—or your budget. 

For example, with geotargeting, you can conduct invaluable tests, such as: 

    • Regional content variations: Run different ad creatives tailored to different regional or cultural preferences. Determine which variation resonates more and produces higher engagement with your targeted audience segment.
    • Localized promotions: Offer promotions specific to users in known locations or conditions, such as winter jackets in Northern climates or discounts on swimwear in the South, at different times of the year. Identify which promotion drives more sales and when. 
    • Time-zone-specific campaigns: Launch email campaigns that feature the same content but are targeted for delivery at different times of day per the recipient’s time zone. This can help you understand the best time of day to engage users in specific regions. 

The insights you glean can help you enhance and optimize future ad campaigns for maximum impact, engagement, and ROI.


Show Me the Numbers! How Effective Is Geotargeting? 

Weaving geotargeting into your ad campaigns helps give consumers precisely what they want: ads that are ultrarelevant to their precise, in-the-now experience. 

We’re not making this up: More than 75 percent of customers surveyed in a recent Zendesk CX report admitted they expect personalized experiences. They also want their data to be safe, of course, but relevance in advertising was a high priority.

Using geotargeting in ad campaigns is a solid way to deliver on that expectation. Who wouldn’t consider the following creative campaigns featuring geotargeting ultrarelevant? 

  • Van Leeuwen Ice Cream was able to leverage location tracking to send users near its store mouthwatering offers. 
  • Barneys New York used geotargeting in its flagship store to deliver personalized content alerts, local recommendations, and in-store navigation to its shoppers. 
  • Whole Foods placed geotargeted ad campaigns around its stores (and, strategically, near its competitors’ stores) and successfully enticed people to shop at Whole Foods.

Getting Started with Geotargeting Can Be Tough—But Does It Have To Be? 

Geotargeting is about more than just sending ads to specific locations. It's about understanding consumer behavior, preferences, and needs based on where they are. With geotargeting, you can streamline campaigns, reduce the need for manual adjustments, and ensure your messages are poised to resonate. 

And—even better news—getting started doesn’t have to be complicated. You may even already have the tools and team you need to leverage this tech at your disposal. Chat with our team if you’re interested in accessible solutions that you can use to level up your ads with geotargeting!

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