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Here’s Exactly How Creative Automation Can Improve Your Holiday Ad Campaigns

November 30, 2023 | By

Winter’s coming, and you’ve got a challenge: You need to make the most of sales activity this holiday season. Are you wondering if there’s a way creative automation can keep your team afloat as you produce tailored-for-the-moment ads, each perfectly poised to strike when the iron is hot?

While the holiday season brings joy, it can also bring pressure. Creative automation can help you boost your seasonal ad strategy, reduce manual work for your team, and allow agility (and peace of mind!) in case you realize at the last minute that a midseason pivot is needed.

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A Checklist of Subtle Signs You May Need Creative Automation

Quick! Think back to last holiday season. 

Did you ever find yourself feeling like you were doomed to fall behind no matter how much you did? 

Were you constantly worried about the relevance of your ad campaigns? 

Did you find yourself constantly checking the clock, wishing for a few more hours in your working day?

If the mere thought of the upcoming holiday season makes your heart race, you might need a helping hand. Creative automation can be the assistant you need to generate, optimize, and iterate your ads without overloading your team, so you and your colleagues can actually rest and enjoy this holiday season—while you celebrate successfully meeting key performance indicators for your December campaigns.  

Why Now's the Perfect Time to Adopt Creative Automation

Setting up creative automation now can help you be confident that your holiday ad campaigns will be timely, responsive, and relevant later—no matter what happens between today and when your ads roll. 

If that feels like holiday magic, maybe that’s appropriate! But it’s far from the only benefit creative automation can offer. 

The Advantages You Gain with Creative Automation 

Using creative automation wisely can connect you with: 

  • Increased efficiency: If you’ve ever spent caffeine-fueled nights during the last weekend of November manually swapping Thanksgiving assets for ones made for Black Friday, then Small Business Saturday, followed by Cyber Monday, we’ve got good news. With creative automation, you can schedule these transitions in advance—no need to be there to push them live in person. 
  • Enhanced personalization: Creative automation can help you build ads that speak directly to customers, reflecting their unique preferences and behaviors. As a result, your ads will be more resonant, impactful, and memorable. 
  • Scalability: Worried about the sheer volume of ad versions that will result from personalization? Long gone are the days of manually creating each personalized version. Creative automation can handle this surge of versioning work for you, so you can scale without the stress. 
  • Consistency and compliance: If you’re juggling ads across multiple channels, it can feel overwhelming to ensure your brand remains consistent everywhere. Creative automation can help you keep voice, tone, and branding elements in sync. 
  • Streamlined operations: Instead of resigning yourself to a hectic holiday season, use automation to keep your workflow smooth and uncluttered. Your business processes, such as reviews and approvals, can be automated and expedited in one place instead of hopping between different systems and emails. You can also rely on creative optimization to dynamically automate creative testing and optimization so that you’re always serving the most optimized, best-performing content.
  • More time for creativity: Creative automation doesn’t take away your team’s ability to shine; rather, it automates typically mundane, manual tasks associated with creation so your people have more time to focus on strategic, creative thinking. 

In short, it’ll pay off if you take a moment to reassess your creative processes and leverage creative automation. 

But Does This Really Work? Real-World Applications of Creative Automation

Yes, this works, and we see the results of creative automation every holiday season. 

For example, think about iconic end-of-year campaigns such as Spotify Wrapped. How does the company curate millions of unique graphics for each user? Creative automation. The same solutions can also help companies scale efficiently regardless of the season or even drive efficiency while hitting performance goals during their busiest time of the year

The beauty of creative automation lies in its adaptability. Businesses can use it to achieve their goals across myriad channels, industries, and use cases. It’s also a way to ensure that you’re able to stay ahead of what your customers really want: custom, personalized, and ultra-relevant creative. With automation, you can deliver the ad and customer experiences you need to without working overtime this holiday season. 

Here’s What We Recommend for Top-Tier Creative Automation in Holiday Ad Campaigns

Want to start exploring what creative automation can do for you? Before you begin your journey, arm yourself with our helpful tips and tricks to truly get the most out of automation this holiday season. 

Start by:

Understanding Your Audience 

Before you automate, you need to know who you're talking to. Check out your customer data to glean as many insights as possible about their preferences, habits, and holiday wish lists. Decide if there are other data sources or types you should pull in to build a holistic view of the customer, such as information on weather, geography, and so on. The more information you have, the better you can tailor your ads. 

Exploring Multichannel Campaigns 

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket—or, possibly, all of your ornaments on one tree. Your customers will see your ads in many places as they check their email, scroll through social media, or catch up on holiday shopping. Taking a multichannel approach helps ensure you’re present wherever your customers are. Creative automation ties all these channels together to keep your message consistent and powerful, whether it's on TikTok, email, or a billboard.

Launching A/B Tests 

A/B testing can be a great way to get started with ad performance optimization, but it’s just a start! With the power of creative automation, you can build toward continuous optimization and constant learning—or what we like to call perpetual, iterative, velocity-oriented testing (aka the PIVOT). This level of optimization will help you remain agile and able to adapt in real time as your market demands. 

Excited to Reimagine Your Holiday Ad Campaigns with Creative Automation? 

Consider creative automation your holiday gift to yourself: It’s your ticket to a streamlined, responsive, and impactful holiday ad campaign. 

Ready to take the leap? Learn more and explore our solutions overview. We’ve got options to help you transform your holiday ad strategy starting today. 


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