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Successful Digital Storytelling with Your CX Content

August 28, 2023 | By

Digital storytelling in the customer experience (CX) realm is more than just crafting a narrative—it's about engineering experiences. When done right, digital storytelling transforms passive content consumption into active brand engagement. Everything your brand does invites your customer into your story—or, of course, it doesn’t. 

Clearly, the stakes are high. Let’s break this down.


Why Digital Storytelling Is Vital in CX Content

Digital storytelling is neither a buzzword nor a flashy trend. It’s quite the opposite. 

Storytelling is a powerful tool for human engagement, and it has been for the entire history of humanity. In marketing and CX, when wielded well, storytelling can help you connect with a massive amount of people on a human level. With incredible stories, you can pique your audience’s interest, make them feel seen, and invite them to be the hero of their own customer journey. 

The right brand story creates a memorable experience for your audience. It fosters a connection between you and your ideal customer. And it can cement brand loyalty right from the first customer contact.

That’s why storytelling is vital. But how can you use it to direct effective CX content strategy? 

Time to zoom in. What are the specific elements of digital storytelling that should influence CX?


Great Digital Storytelling Leads to Great CX Content: An Influential Ingredient List

What makes a story successful? 

We would argue a good story is engaging, personal, and satisfying. Stories entertain, sure, but the right narrative feels ultraspecific, pulls people in, and has an arc that feels complete. 

Often, for brand stories, that structure acknowledges a relevant, real-world problem that a customer is experiencing and presents a simple solution. It's not just about telling your customers about your products or services; it's about showing them how your brand can fit into their story, solve their problems, and enhance their lives. And it’s about doing so seamlessly across the many ways your audience experiences your brand. 

This can seem disconnected from the nuts and bolts of creating CX. You may see the perks of telling magnetic stories, but at the end of the day, you’ve got to roll out a campaign on time. 

That’s where today’s tech provides an essential opportunity to elevate brand stories and CX content. You can use a modern CX content creation solution to automate much of the busywork necessary for good content, such as resizing assets or streamlining tests. This will allow your teams more time to concentrate on creative, strategic work. Your dynamic CX solutions can also help break down information and talent silos to ensure stories are cohesive and comprehensive. 

Then you’ll be in a good position to tell ultrapersonal stories at scale.


Effective Digital Storytelling Strategies for Your CX Content 

Just a few ways to tell compelling stories through your CX could include: 

  • Using AI to make your story more personal for everyone: You can use AI to analyze customer data at scale, then use that data to create personalized ads that speak to your audience’s unique needs. 
  • Optimizing your overall ad experience: You can go beyond creating ads meant simply to be seen by many. Now, you can make ads that real people enjoy—that don’t interrupt their day but add value to their lives. 
  • Setting clear goals for yourself and your customers: Great stories are intentional. They lead somewhere. Deciding the specific outcomes you’re angling for will help you create CX that guides your customers toward their goals and helps you accomplish yours.


Developing a Digital Storytelling Strategy for Your CX Content

The above tools may sound intriguing. You may be excited about using the power of story to roll out your next campaign. 

We get it. (Been there.) Begin with some basics:

1. Understand your audience.

Before crafting compelling narratives, you must understand who you're telling these stories to. What are their needs? What are their preferences? What makes them tick? Sift through your customer data, discover the answers to these questions, and use your data to guide your digital storytelling efforts. 

2. Make it personal. 

Personalization transforms stories and the discrete components of good CX from feeling generic and irrelevant to unique and resonant. This isn’t a widely used fact. Many retailers don’t realize their personalization potential. Simply ensuring you deliver content tailored to your unique audience or specific audience segments will get you far. 

3. Keep it consistent. 

While relevant stories attract, consistent messaging builds trust. Try to keep your messaging aligned across channels so your audience can understand, recognize, and appreciate what your brand brings to the table. As you track your engagement rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates through the rollout of your new CX materials, see what’s working. Adapt as needed. But keep the heart of your story consistent to build trust with your customer base.


Want to See Firsthand What Digital Storytelling Can Do for You? 

At Innervate, we understand the power of storytelling. We know that a well-crafted story can engage your audience, enhance your brand, and drive your key performance indicators through the roof. 

Interested in using successful digital storytelling to elevate and personalize your CX content at scale? Let’s get started. Contact our team today, and we’ll start writing your success story together.


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