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World, Meet Innervate: The Dynamic Customer Experience Company

May 23, 2023 | By

It’s Mitchell Weisman here, founder and CEO Innervate.  Today, we are proud to announce that the company formerly known as RevJet has relaunched as Innervate, the leader in Dynamic Customer Experience Orchestration.

Having invested tens of millions of dollars becoming a trusted partner to so many Fortune 500 and leading direct marketing companies, we launch Innervate at what we know is a crucial time for our customers.  

Companies have invested in a huge number of customer experience systems, data sources and teams which have become siloed and prevent them from delivering world-class, dynamic customer experiences at the speed the market demands, 

Innervate makes life so much better. 

In designing Innervate, we asked ourselves: “What if we made orchestrating dynamic customer experiences truly seamless - including connecting all these systems, data sources and teams - as low-cost and easy as adding a device to your Wi-Fi network or downloading an app to your phone?” 

Innervate’s plug-and-play solution delivers exactly that - allowing you to orchestrate unlimited CX use cases and dynamic customer experiences seamlessly across any channel using your existing systems and teams.  

With Innervate, you’ll increase revenue via more resonant customer experiences, cut costs by reducing your usage of the CX software systems you use today, increase your % ROI on the large technology investments you’ve already made, and more.

Put simply, Innervate is a game changer.

My cofounder Serge Ioffe and I have been working on this problem—how to harness the untapped potential of digital creative—for nearly two decades. It started to come together during our tenures as CEO & CTO of LifeStreet Media, where we built the technological foundation that would eventually support the Innervate. 

Today’s launch ushers in an exciting new era where – just as your biological nervous system innervates the muscles in your body – your Innervate Dynamic CX solution empowers you to “innervate” any portion of your CX operations on-demand. 

Now, you can easily interconnect all your siloed technology systems, teams, and business processes to enable dynamic control, transparency, and automation of any digital CX use case or project, each according to your own business rules and processes. 

So buckle up, a big change is coming.  Welcome to the era of plug-and-play Dynamic CX.  

Welcome to Innervate.

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