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RevJet Announces Industry’s First Enterprise-Grade Generative AI Solution for Dynamic Customer Experiences

January 3, 2023 | By

Plug & play Generative AI solution enables Fortune 500 teams to orchestrate world-class
AI-powered Dynamic Customer Experiences with their existing systems


SAN CARLOS, Calif. — January 3, 2023 — RevJet, the only unified app-based platform that simplifies all aspects of digital ad experience management for Fortune 500 marketers, today announced the AI Image Idea (AI3) Generation Neural Network as part of its 5.0 Digital Asset Management (DAM) App Suite, now available with nearly 100 other Dynamic CX Apps within the RevJet AppXchange.

With the advent of AI3, RevJet’s DAM App Suite becomes the industry’s first “AI-powered” Digital Asset Management solution. For the first time, marketers can harness the power of artificial intelligence with their existing teams, systems, and data sources to seamlessly produce world class dynamic customer experiences at scale.

Older DAMs were inflexible and cumbersome for marketers, requiring them to sift through vast libraries of assets to find the content they need, and did little to support truly dynamic customer experiences much less artificial intelligence.

With AI3, the RevJet DAM App Suite provides all the tools necessary for any user to reimagine existing images or video, or to create brand new assets in seconds with Generative AI – all at enterprise scale and with tight integration to a company’s existing enterprise systems and workflows.

“Generative AI has been in the news recently, but most of the buzz has been around the technology itself, not what problems it can solve,” RevJet founder and CEO Mitchell Weisman said. “With AI3, the RevJet DAM App Suite changes the game by empowering non-technical marketers with Generative AI to orchestrate world class dynamic customer experiences seamlessly at scale, with a tiny fraction of the time and effort previously required.”

RevJet’s AI Image Idea (AI3) Generation Neural Network enables dozens of powerful capabilities for marketers, including for example:

  • Selecting an existing image already in the DAM (or in any connected enterprise system) and place it into a new context or evolve it in specified ways.

  • Creating brand-new original images simply by describing the idea in plain English.

  • Creating custom product models by training the AI on specific product images.

  • Making the final images “pixel perfect” through multiple additional “final touch” tools that provide sophisticated image processing in an easy-to-use UI.

The plug & play RevJet DAM App Suite easily connects to any existing enterprise system, including for example IDM/MDM and traditional image repositories like Adobe Experience Manager or Aprimo. Leveraging these plug & play connections, enterprises can apply the AI capabilities at scale to millions of products in retailer catalogs or other proprietary enterprise data.

To learn more, visit https://www.revjet.com/.

The RevJet Ad Experience Platform gives Fortune 500 marketers control over omnichannel digital ad experiences via a simple and sophisticated unified platform. RevJet simplifies ad experience management by integrating with existing tech and media stacks to centrally manage ad experiences across all channels. The platform was purpose-built to power all ad creative use cases, including DCO, personalization, audience management, creative performance visualization, experimentation, workflow, and self-optimizing performance competitions. Learn more at http://revjet.com.




For media inquiries, contact:

Darren Waddell, EVP Sales & Marketing, RevJet


(650) 508-2215




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