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Innervate Unveils Next Generation of Industry’s First Enterprise-Grade Generative AI Solution for Customer Experiences

October 31, 2023 | By

Now, Fortune 500 companies can execute unlimited, modern CX use cases leveraging advanced generative AI and automation.


SAN CARLOS, Calif. — October 31, 2023 — Innervate, the dynamic customer experience company, today announced a powerful next generation of its industry-first AI-powered Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution. The release is packed with new generally available features, including AI HTML5-Asset Generator, AI Marketing Copy Generator, Enterprise Catalog Image & Video Generator, Multi-Variant Manager and Digital Asset Traceability — all available alongside nearly 100 other dynamic CX apps within the Innervate AppXchange. Unlike AI tools for highly technical users, Innervate’s industry-first DAM capabilities empower non-technical users with generative AI to orchestrate world-class dynamic customer experiences seamlessly at scale at a tiny fraction of the time and effort previously required.

“With the rise of generative AI, Fortune 500 companies can no longer view a DAM as just a static repository of searchable content,” Serge Ioffe, cofounder and CTO of Innervate, said. “Now, with the next generation of our industry-first generative AI technology, Innervate clients can easily generate and manipulate content dynamically at scale, then deliver AI-powered customer experiences to any consumer touchpoint or other internal system.”

AI HTML5-Asset Generator

With the new AI HTML5-Asset Generator, marketers can now create a human-readable text prompt to describe the dynamic atomic asset envisioned and watch AI bring the idea to life, displaying an initial draft before the asset is saved to the Asset Cloud, thus integrating it into the vast capabilities of Innervate’s HTML5 Asset processing tools. 

As marketers describe their creative assets, including layout and animation, using natural language, the process is effortless. 

AI Marketing Copy Generator

Updates to the AI Marketing Copy Generator will enable marketers to seamlessly collaborate with text asset-management tools, such as Creative Builder, Iterator, Smartforms and Multi-Variant Manager. By aligning with predefined rules, tone, length, emphasis, audience and safety preferences, it delivers tailored marketing copy that resonates and is fine-tuned to the client’s needs. 

Anyone looking to optimize their text assets for marketing purposes — including slogans, headlines, disclaimers and other content tailored to predefined target audience groups — can find value in the feature regardless of their level of expertise. The tool benefits marketers, brand managers, copywriters and other creators of targeted content, helping them solve the following challenges:

  • Creating Product-Specific Copy: Generate campaign-specific copy, a process that — until now — has been too tedious for enterprises with millions of products in their catalogs.
  • Time-Consuming Content Creation: Streamline the content creation process by generating a range of tailored options, reducing the time and effort required to create engaging content.
  • Lack of Copywriting Expertise: Empower individuals with limited copywriting skills to create impactful copy.
  • Generating Engaging Content: Generate creative suggestions that capture attention and resonate with target audiences.
  • Adapting to Different Audiences: Generate copy that caters to different audience segments, adapting the tone and emphasis accordingly.
  • Balancing Length and Impact: Suggest copy of varying lengths, helping users find the optimal combination for their messaging.

Enterprise Catalog Image & Video Generator

The Enterprise Catalog Image & Video Generator is designed for businesses with large product catalogs. It facilitates the dynamic creation of a vast number of images or videos based on specific parameters, preferences or data inputs related to individual products. It offers a blend of automation, personalization and integration, ensuring that products are showcased in the best light possible, ready for marketing campaigns or online displays. The software is capable of generating a wide variety of content quickly and efficiently so marketers can keep up with the dynamic nature of online marketing, always having fresh and tailored content at their fingertips. Core features include:

  • Dynamic Image Generation: Create thousands or even millions of tailored images or videos based on the enterprise’s product catalog.
  • Pixel-Level Assembly: Combine various image assets — such as product photos, logos and text overlays — pixel by pixel, ensuring a high level of customization and precision.
  • Video Creation from Templates: Beyond static images, transform assets into video content using predefined or custom templates.
  • Automated Sync: Sync newly generated dynamic customer experiences directly to walled gardens or any served environment.

Multi-Variant Manager

The Multi-Variant Manager is an advanced tool designed to establish the optimal combination of atomic assets for every creative project while simultaneously measuring their efficiency. The feature offers comprehensive support for the creation of variants, previewing permutations and combinations; conducting variant testing with diverse asset combinations; automatically filtering out the least effective assets; and generating detailed visual reports of the results. 

The Multi-Variant Manager significantly benefits creative teams, marketers and designers seeking to optimize their campaigns. It empowers them to make automated data-driven choices when selecting assets, resulting in impactful and efficient creative projects. By providing a comprehensive toolkit for creating variants, conducting tests and generating visual reports, Multi-Variant Manager simplifies the asset selection process and ensures that users can confidently choose the best asset combinations for their projects.

Digital Asset Traceability

This feature is designed to provide detailed metadata about the origin and history of atomic digital assets. It allows enterprises to track and understand the full lineage of a digital asset, from its creation or source to its current state, along with “where used” and performance reporting. This understanding of an asset's history is especially vital in an age where digital assets can originate from various sources, including AI generation or other third-party systems.

In a digital era where the authenticity and appropriate use of assets are paramount, having a comprehensive understanding of each asset's history ensures not just compliance but also the credibility of business operations. Core features include:

  • Detailed Metadata: For every atomic digital asset, Innervate captures comprehensive metadata, shedding light on its origin, modifications and other pertinent details.
  • Chain of Custody Tracking: Allows enterprises to trace the complete history of an asset, including every instance of ownership, modification or transfer.
  • AI Generation Indicator: Identifies whether the asset was produced using AI, providing clarity on its authenticity.
  • Integration with Other DAM Systems: If an asset has been imported from another DAM system, the software can capture and display the metadata from that system.
  • Metadata-Driven Enforceability: Rules can be set based on metadata. For instance, assets can be programmed to become unusable after a certain period or under specific conditions.
  • Automatic Recompilation: If an asset is linked to certain creatives and has conditions, such as expiration, those creatives can be automatically recompiled according to predefined schedules or triggers.

For more information, visit www.innervate.com

Innervate, the Dynamic Customer Experience Company, delivers a plug-and-play solution that allows organizations to orchestrate unlimited CX use cases seamlessly across any channel using their existing systems and teams. With Innervate’s Dynamic Customer Experience Orchestration — and the industry’s first-ever generative AI technology for digital customer experiences — it’s simple to get started, simple to scale and simple to succeed. Clients get modern CX use cases to market faster with Innervate’s open network architecture that easily connects systems and data sources without requiring coding. Organizations quickly innovate unlimited CX use cases across channels, using existing systems, data sources and teams. And ultimately, customers grow a portfolio of dynamic CX use cases enriched by the data and systems they’ve already invested in and networked. Welcome to the era of plug-and-play CX.

For media inquiries, contact: 

Darren Waddell, EVP Sales & Marketing, Innervate


(650) 508-2215

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