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Innervate Unveils Enhancements to Its Real-Time CDP App Suite With AI-Powered Features

, | June 26, 2024 | By

SAN CARLOS, Calif. — June 26, 2024 — Innervate, the dynamic customer experience company, today announced enhancements to features of its customer data platform (CDP) app suite with real-time customer segmentation, dynamic product recommendations and buyer journey orchestration — all powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Innervate’s CDP app suite is a full-featured, high-performance real-time customer data platform that provides valuable insights into data received internally or externally, enabling configuration and manipulation for trafficking, personalization and reporting purposes. With Experience Connect, Innervate’s unique connector architecture that seamlessly connects with first- and third-party data sources, both user and product information becomes available for content targeting, decisioning and reporting.

“These new features allow Innervate clients to use real-time data to build guided interactive user experiences, delivering substantial value to both users and businesses by enabling instant engagement with consumers upon encountering the content,” Serge Ioffe, co-founder and CTO at Innervate, said. “This is another example of Innervate’s ability to orchestrate CX across any channel effortlessly.” 

Innervate’s CDP excels at real-time data and decisioning that leads to incredible performance. Now, Innervate’s CDP app suite offers several powerful capabilities, including:

  • Customer AI: This next-generation CRM and CDP creates a “digital twin” of all known and unknown customers for personalized recommendations and next-best actions in the buyer’s journey.
  • AI Segmentation: AI-powered customer segmentation uses AI to categorize customers into distinct groups based on various attributes and behaviors. This approach leverages machine learning algorithms, data analytics and often large datasets to identify patterns and insights that traditional methods might miss.
  • Recommendation engine: This offers real-time AI-driven recommendations to customers on the best content and products.
  • Customer Journey Orchestration: This enables the one-on-one personalized interaction to pick up where it left off. As the consumer moves from one interaction to another across channels, their personalization and experience choices remain consistent. 
  • Behavioral Query Language: This makes decisions in real time based on past behaviors and empowers users to define unlimited custom audience attributes using a flexible, powerful query language. These attributes can be used to define audiences, enhance audience segmentation and target users based upon behavior. 

While CDPs are typically offered only as a stand-alone point tool, Innervate’s CDP application suite is natively integrated  — and offered without additional fees — allowing for a tighter integration between audience behavior, segmentation, CX delivery and analytics all in real time. For more information, visit www.innervate.com


Innervate, the dynamic customer experience company, delivers a plug-and-play solution that allows organizations to orchestrate unlimited CX use cases seamlessly across any channel, using their existing systems and teams. With Innervate’s dynamic customer experience orchestration, it’s simple to get started, simple to scale and simple to succeed. Customers get modern CX use cases to market faster with Innervate’s open network architecture that easily connects systems and data sources without requiring coding. Organizations quickly innovate unlimited CX use cases across channels, using existing systems, data sources and teams. Ultimately, customers grow a portfolio of dynamic CX use cases enriched by the data and systems they’ve already invested in and networked. Welcome to the era of plug-and-play CX. Innervate.com.


For media inquiries, contact: 

Darren Waddell, EVP Sales & Marketing, Innervate


(650) 508-2215

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