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RevJet Launches Orora, the First Operating System and App Ecosystem to Power Every Marketing Creative Use Case

, , | September 19, 2017 | By

Combining Creativity and Science, Orora Enables Marketers to Consistently Drive 50 to 100% More Measurable Value from Their Annual $230 Billion Media Spend – with Zero Additional Media Cost


SAN CARLOS, Calif. — September 19, 2017 — RevJet, the smarter SaaS marketing creative platform, today announced the launch of OroraSM, the first Operating System and App Ecosystem, purpose-built to power every marketing creative use case for every marketing creative format. Over a decade in the making, Orora is the most advanced, extensible marketing creative technology ever built. With Orora apps, marketers can for the first time unify all marketing creative use cases in one comprehensive, custom-tailored system of record, systematically combining creativity and science to drive ever-higher performing creative content.

"Using RevJet we're now consistently developing more effective advertising and creative content, and we’ve got the data to prove it," said David Delaney, SVP Global Advertising & Brand Engagement at Franklin Templeton Investments. "On RevJet, we're consistently seeing a 50% creative performance boost with our target audiences from the ad impressions we were already buying, without any extra media cost."

With AppXchange, Orora’s app ecosystem, marketers and agencies can solve every conceivable marketing creative use case with powerful yet easy-to-use apps, available to subscribers for 1-click installation at no extra cost.

"Like iOS and Android rendered obsolete so many expensive standalone electronic devices, Orora OS and its app ecosystem render today’s complex single-purpose marketing creative tools over-priced and obsolete," said Mitchell Weisman, RevJet founder and CEO.

RevJet’s AppXchange, launching in conjunction with Orora, contains dozens of powerful, purpose-built marketing creative apps, including:

  • Video, social, display and native creative building apps
  • Personalization, Programmatic Creative, and DCO apps
  • High velocity Creative Optimization apps
  • Digital asset management apps
  • Creative workflow & approval apps
  • Data visualization and "Forever memory" apps
  • Ad serving apps
  • World-class reporting apps

"I’ve spent years managing digital marketing teams in financial services, and there simply isn’t another marketing creative platform out there that does everything RevJet does," said Stephen Leung, Manager of Global Digital Advertising at Franklin Templeton. "Having access to all these powerful Orora applications in one elegant UI gives us maximum flexibility and ease of use."


Orora’s extensibility makes RevJet "future-proof"

In addition to the dozens of pre-built Orora apps available in the AppXchange at launch, Orora’s APIs make it easy to build additional apps – cutting the time and complexity of code development in half. Orora’s simple APIs provide access to a full array of powerful back-end systems including:

  • Enterprise Business Process management - Enables the management of people, processes and production within and beyond the enterprise
  • Dynamic audience and creative - Powers the dynamic creation and targeting of audiences, data-driven driven marketing decision making, and the assembly of dynamic personalized creatives and video
  • Marketing Intelligence - Automatically collect billions of data-points and acts intelligently and proactively by continuously learning from the data


About RevJet

The RevJet Marketing Creative Platform brings unprecedented sophistication and power to each and every ad creative discipline including DCO, personalization, audience management, workflow, approvals, creative performance visualization, experimentation, and effortless self-optimizing performance competitions. RevJet is powered by Orora, the first and only Marketing Creative Operating System and App Ecosystem. Purpose-built to power every marketing creative use case for every marketing creative format, Orora is the most powerful, extensible marketing creative technology ever built. Learn more at www.revjet.com



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