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Stealth Marketing Tech Startup RevJet Reveals World’s First Creative Side Platform (CSP)

October 22, 2015 | By

Microsoft sees 100+% advertising performance gains in just weeks using the CSP for effortless ad-creative building, measurement and optimization.


SAN CARLOS, Calif. — October 22, 2015 — After a year of confidential development, marketing technology startup RevJet Corporation revealed the first-of-its-kind Creative Side Platform (CSP), which at long last extends marketing technology to incorporate the ad creatives that undergird the world’s annual $500 billion media spend directly under the real-time control of marketing departments and their creative agencies. With the CSP, marketers and their creative agencies can now effortlessly construct, view, serve, measure, and automatically optimize all their ad creatives for all their media buys across all formats — including mobile, social, video and programmatic ad campaigns — all from a single platform. RevJet is backed by $2.5 billion private equity firm Nautic Partners.


In its first few weeks operating on the RevJet CSP, Microsoft rapidly achieved 100+% performance improvements across diverse digital ad campaigns via dozens of rounds of effortless, automatically optimizing ad creative experiments.


“For years, I’ve preached to my team that we must always be experimenting with ad creatives, but we’ve never had anything like the RevJet CSP to make it happen,” said Grad Conn, CMO lead for Microsoft’s Centralized Marketing Organization. “Their CSP is the first truly comprehensive ad creative platform built to facilitate effortless creative experimentation at its very core. We’re quickly adapting to life on the CSP and are thrilled to onboard four of our creative agencies and two DSPs.”


The RevJet CSP is the first and only comprehensive platform designed to enable continuous, automated, high-velocity ad creative experimentation and drive perpetual performance improvement for ad creatives of any format. The underlying CSP technology is already battle-tested in the marketplace, having propelled LifeStreet Media to a $100+ million exit and a market leadership position amongst Facebook app developers. Nautic Partners, the Providence-based private equity firm, announced its $66 million LifeStreet investment in 2012, and in October 2014 announced a technology spinoff along with plans to launch RevJet as a standalone marketing technology startup.


“RevJet makes a powerful new level of content optimization available to digital advertisers,” said Gerry Murray, Research Manager with IDC’s CMO Advisory service. “RevJet enables them to automatically optimize the creative they serve to specific audiences in real time across channels and media. As ad tech and marketing tech converge, this ability could be applied to the whole content marketing process, giving marketers a serious edge on the competition. Companies building marketing cloud solutions should consider this a potential differentiator.”


“Our CSP is purpose-built to extend marketing technology’s reach, finally unlocking the $500 billion dollars' worth of pent-up value trapped within the world’s ad creatives,” said Mitchell Weisman, RevJet founder and CEO. “Tapping into this massive value is only possible by scalably increasing the performance of ad creatives across all devices and formats.  Having already used the core CSP technology to build and sell a leading media company for over $100 million, we're confident the CSP can drive the world’s media spend to go 2x to 3x further.”


RevJet CEO Mitchell Weisman and Microsoft’s Diana Choksey will be speaking about the future of creative and tech at the iMedia Breakthrough Summit in Austin this coming Tuesday, October 27th. Learn more here.



About RevJet

The RevJet Creative Side Platform (CSP) is the first and only comprehensive platform for creating, measuring and optimizing programmatic, mobile, social and video ad creatives. The RevJet CSP enables marketers and agencies to build and manage beautiful, brand-safe digital ad creatives and effortlessly execute unlimited numbers of simultaneous self-optimizing experiments.

To learn more about RevJet, please visit: www.RevJet.com.


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Caroline Watts, RevJet


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