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Yahoo Chooses Innervate as their Data-Powered Creative Solution Partner Read Here

Yahoo Advertising unveils new creative solution

June 20, 2024 | By

On 19 June, Yahoo Advertising unveiled Yahoo Creative, its first full-stack data-powered creative solution for advertisers. Developed in partnership with Innervate, this solution enhances creative capabilities through technology and data. More specifically, it applies sophisticated AI and data principles to real-time creative development, allowing brands to maximise campaign effectiveness and optimise ROI.

According to Yahoo advertising, the evolution of creative tools has lagged in comparison to that of programmatic tech. The new creative tool now ‘brings the pace of programmatic technology’s evolution to the creative side’. It futureproofs dynamic creative by activating Yahoo’s Identity Solution, which is powered by direct consumer relationships and a rich first-party dataset from Yahoo media properties and partnerships.

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