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Introducing Innervate: Making Dynamic Customer Experience Orchestration Possible

| May 23, 2023 | By

The CX Challenges Today’s Marketers Face 

In today’s competitive landscape, marketers are increasingly frustrated by managing a disparate group of one-off tech stack solutions. Remember the days before the advent of smartphones, when you might print off directions from MapQuest, invest in a GPS device, fiddle with an MP3 player or a homemade CD, and hope you might be able to check your email on spotty wifi on the go? Marketers are dealing with the equivalent of this. Innervate offers an all-encompassing, plug-and-play solution analogous to smartphones. Just as the days before smartphones now feel like the dark ages, one day we’ll look back on today’s random assortment of marketing solutions as a stressful and unnecessary source of work and costs. 


Innervate harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to build an exceptional marketing experience that gets results. Our plug-and-play solution saves time and money, so you can focus on creating outstanding content that optimizes the customer experience. 

In our surveys of marketers, here’s what they told us: 

  • Siloed customer data and systems slow down the process and create bottlenecks. 
  • Strategic prioritization can be difficult, especially within budgetary constraints. 
  • The unmanageable number of necessary CX digital use cases has exponentially exploded. Businesses struggle to keep up, and hiring or spending their way out of the problem is impossible. 

Innervate solves the problem in several key ways: 

  • Our networked approach allows you to create unlimited CX use cases across channels. 
  • Leverage the power of your existing systems and teams.
  • The system is plug and play–the antidote to the traditional slow, unwieldy system. 
  • Create modern CX with our open network-based design system without any coding. 


Harnessing Your Apps in One Place

Marketers face more demands than ever before. You need a great ad server platform, but the last thing you need is one more app to manage. Many marketers find themselves logging into dozens of apps each day. They need each one, but the piecemeal approach can feel exhausting and overwhelming. 


Consolidate App Management

Innervate’s plug-and-play solution works with what you already have. Easily install as many apps as you need, from DCO apps to creative optimization apps and everything in between, to power each and every aspect of your digital marketing. This empowers you to meet your customer experience needs with a single solution, rather than relying on a never-ending array of tools to achieve the same outcome. 


Foster Teamwork and Communication

When Innervate talked to sophisticated marketing teams building innovative campaigns, we heard a lot of frustration. Sometimes different departments had different solutions for the same challenges. Or perhaps customer data was difficult to share across departments. Innervate breaks down regional, team, and departmental silos for easier communication and improved functionality. 

With Innervate, built-in apps foster communication across your organization, streamlining processes and nurturing productive collaboration that saves time, money, and stress. Keep the technology that’s already working for you, but manage it all with less stress and better results. 

Innervate can reduce your marketing overhead but boost revenues with better and more effective campaigns. Customer experience is everything, and with Innervate, you can compete with the biggest and best in the industry, no matter your budget. 


Expand Marketing Opportunities

Collaboration is mission critical because data silos slow everything down, stunting creativity. Marketers who switch to Innervate often find they can expand their offerings–from display ads to full omnichannel advertising, for example. They may also be able to expand their team and build a more efficient process, integrating marketing, copywriting, legal, and other departments into a quick and satisfying process that gets results. 


Solving Beyond Ad Experience

An exceptional customer experience isn’t just a nice bonus. It’s mandatory. Consumers expect top-notch CX, but with disparate apps and an exhausting marketing approval process, it can be difficult to deliver. Innervate integrates all you need in one place, reducing expenses and labor, harnessing the full power of customer data, and delivering a CX that depicts the full value of your brand. 

Learn more about the importance of customer experience with our infographic.

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Infographic: 4 Solutions for Overcoming Your CX Challenges