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8 Practical Ways You Can Improve Customer Experience Management in 2024

December 19, 2023 | By

Want to stand out in the new year? Interested in nurturing long-term customer relationships while you gain fresh new audiences at the same time?

Investing in your brand’s customer experience (CX) management can be a powerful way to accomplish your goals. But simply having a goal to upgrade your CX can be too general to know where to start! 

We’ve pulled together eight winning, innovative strategies for you to elevate your CX game in 2024. Which are you excited to implement in the new year? 

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8 Specific Ways to Upgrade Your Customer Experience Management This Upcoming Year 

Customer expectations about their preferred brand experiences are constantly changing.

To keep up and deliver exceptional CX, you’ll need to stay ahead of the curve. These are the strategies we recommend: 

1. Consider customer experience automation.

Using creative and/or workflow automation can help you deliver the high-quality, custom experiences your audience craves. At the same time, you’ll be able to free up time and bandwidth for your employees so they can spend more time on strategic, value-adding projects. 

Practical implementation tip: Set up data-driven automated customer experience management workflows that adjust ads dynamically based on known viewer preferences. The result? Instantly more engaging CX.

2. Use generative artificial intelligence (AI) for content creation.

Using AI strategically to pull together personalized CX content—as long as your creative team oversees strategy and quality control—can significantly cut down on time and resource requirements. This can allow your team to create far more than previously possible without getting overloaded. 

Practical implementation tip: Use AI tools to create first drafts of content for your team to tweak and review or even to suggest themes or topics based on trending customer interests. 

3. Use data management platforms (DMPs) to inform your work. 

When used well, DMPs can offer you an omnichannel, complete (and actionable!) view of your customers. With all this integrated information at your fingertips, you can create ultrarelatable, ultrarelevant, tailored content. 

Practical implementation tip: Combine insights from your DMP with AI analytics to keep tabs on consumer trends. Then, use this data to adjust your marketing strategies in real time. 

4. Adopt SKU-driven content strategies.

Stock-keeping unit (SKU) data, from aesthetic info about fast-moving products to product availability and sales trends, can be enormously valuable. Using this data to inform your content will enable precise product targeting and personalized promotions. 

Practical implementation tip: Use SKU data to customize email marketing campaigns. One example? Incorporate this info to send repeat customers targeted product recommendations based on their previous purchases or browsing behavior and updated information about your inventory.

5. Enhance promotion and retail support with AI.

When planning your promotional strategies and arranging support for your service or retail teams, use AI to fuel enhanced customer engagement, increase the quality of retail ads, and alleviate stress for your team.

Practical implementation tip: Consider onboarding AI chatbots to provide real-time, personalized shopping assistance (both online and in retail environments).

6. Focus on long-term customer value and trust-building.

Use targeted customer experience automation to roll out creative that builds authentic customer relationships. Depending on your customers and what they want, this could look like providing recommendations and promotions personalized to each customer that are tailored to reflect their preferences (communications type, frequency, etc.) and experience with your brand. 

Practical implementation tip: Use your newly activated customer data! With specific knowledge about customer preferences and spending habits, create a loyalty program that personalizes rewards and interactions with AI. 

7. Upgrade and reassess your creative testing regularly.

Perform frequent testing of your CX and creative processes. Iterate often, and update your processes whenever you notice something that could use an upgrade. 

The more often you run testing, the more you reduce the risk of presenting ineffective content to your loyal customer base. Leverage AI in testing for lighter workload and faster results and optimization.

Practical implementation tip: Start with simple A/B tests, such as changing the color of a call-to-action button or header copy. gradually move to more complex CX variables, such webpage layouts or personalized imagery. 

8. Address and overcome CX challenges. 

During your more frequent tests, set aside time to identify and solve common CX challenges

Practical implementation tip: Does your team experience technical issues when creating new assets? Have you identified common connectivity problems standing in the way of streamlined customer interactions? Find these issues and fix them promptly. 

Lightning Round! Start Here and Watch the Magic Happen

Only got a minute to fire off a quick email or implement one solid strategy? 

Small, quick actions can help you work toward significant results. Here’s your one-quick-improvement customer experience management starter kit: 

  • Encourage cross-departmental collaboration. Break down silos by getting teams from different departments to work together. This fosters innovation and cohesive strategies, not to mention sharing of valuable data and resources..
  • Quickly audit your CX tools. Take a few minutes to review the tools and platforms you're using. Look for gaps that could be streamlined for efficiency or resources that aren’t being used to their full potential..
  • Engage in social listening. Spend a few minutes on social media platforms to understand current customer sentiments and trends. These immediate insights can guide quick adjustments to your strategy.
  • Personalize customer communication. Adjust an email or paid social ad to be more personalized and relevant to your audience segments. Even small tweaks can significantly enhance engagement.
  • Reassess one key performance indicator (KPI). Quickly review and possibly redefine a KPI to ensure it aligns with your current CX goals and strategy. 

Inspired to Upgrade Your Customer Experience Management in 2024 and Beyond? 

Excited to excel in 2024? Onboarding cutting-edge CX strategies, from leveraging AI to finding practical ways to activate your customer data, will help you accomplish your customer experience strategy goals. (It’ll also help you crush the most frustrating obstacles standing between you and success.) 

If you’re interested in more ways to transform your approach to high-quality CX delivery, talk to the team at Innervate. We’re here to help you forge your way to unparalleled customer satisfaction and unprecedented business growth. 

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