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Announcing our New Connector and Partnership with Pinterest

January 19, 2021 | By

Generate Pixel Perfect Pins, Upload in Bulk, Test, Optimize, Manage and More, all within RevJet’s Ad Experience Platform

We’re excited to share that RevJet’s enhanced Creative Builder now supports Pinterest advertising. Supported ad units for Pinterest include video, carousel, collections, and more. This adds to our existing ensemble of social connector apps that already include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Our new connector for Pinterest allows marketing teams to take an informed approach to digital advertising -- all integrated in RevJet’s Ad experience Platform to deliver creative testing, personalization, optimization, and campaign management.

Fortune 500 companies can’t simply release random Pins. They have to fit a certain design language and also need to conform to a pixel perfect “template.” Some parts of a company’s template come from their product catalog, others from their DAM, some more from approved copy, and so on. RevJet’s SmartForms puts this all together. Simply pick a template and fill out the form. The Pin is generated automatically…. pixel perfect!

Additional features Include:

  • Excel import functionality - create and import bulk versions quickly

  • RevJet’s SmartForms, simplifying the process of publishing Pins on Pinterest

  • Build, manage and leverage creative templates

  • Workflow connectivity - Export a PPT for review, or connect to existing workflow tools such as Workfront

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