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Overcoming the Challenges of DCO

| February 26, 2024 | By

Dynamic creative optimization (DCO) has come a long way in the past few years.

Traditionally, DCO strategists focused on displaying relevant products to the right audience, which might have been as simple as rolling out a single ad template with numerous permutations based on user data, such as location or browsing history. 

Today, things are a little different. The scope we’re working with is bigger, the strategies are more nuanced, and the stakes are higher than ever. With today’s DCO solutions, we’ve solved a lot of challenges of the past—but that doesn’t mean that winning at dynamic creative optimization today is a piece of cake. 


Transcending Yesterday’s Dynamic Creative Optimization Limitations with Today’s Latest Tech

The list of potential challenges you may experience while rolling out stellar customer experiences (or CX) is lengthy. Just a few examples could include: 

  • Manual segmentation
  • Hours spent researching personas and personalizing content—piece ... by piece … by piece ...  
  • Reactive optimization, painstakingly updated but ultimately irrelevant content, and incredibly repetitive, resource-intensive work

If you’ve been in the advertising or marketing business for a while, you may have just experienced a visceral chill at reading that list. Making sure that your CX is as high-quality and optimized as possible has taken a lot of work.

Today, with the advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence, creative teams are able to accomplish far more with a lot less. And, beyond seeing efficiency gains with solutions such as iterative testing and real-time optimization, they’re able to learn and earn at the same time. 

What does this look like in action, though? 

Glad you asked. 


Here’s Exactly How You Can Use DCO Solutions to Solve Your Problems

Do you feel like you could take a more strategic approach to your DCO challenges

You’re likely right. Here are just a few examples of ways to use today’s solutions to make reaching your business goals and providing great customer experiences much easier: 

Challenge: Your processes, from campaign planning to ad creation, are inefficient.

Solution: By using one solution and one centralized set of tools to manage your ad creation and revision process, you’ll save a lot more time and energy. And, since everything is in one place, you’ll sidestep costly miscommunication-based errors. Look for solutions that offer easy data integration and user-friendly interfaces to reduce the time and resources needed for campaign planning. Solutions that provide business process and creative automation will also help further streamline your processes. This will allow for quicker campaign launches and more agile responses to market changes.

Challenge: You’re not using ad impressions strategically. 

Solution: Instead of running many ad variations in side-by-side competitions and consuming valuable ad impressions on the way, opt for more focus. Use customer data and real-time performance data to select the most promising creative elements instead of throwing everything you’ve got at your audience. This will promote more audience engagement and allow for quicker determination of the most effective ads. 

Challenge: You fear you’re overpersonalizing ads. 

Solution: Given customer expectations and advancements in data handling, personalizing ads may be more of an expectation than, necessarily, a concern. Start with broad personalization if you're concerned about data quality, and gradually increase the level of personalization as you segment your audience over time. This strategy fuels growing engagement with your audience and helps you balance customer expectations with practical data management.

Challenge: Your data is inaccessible, and your teams aren’t using it. 

Solution: Use a plug-and-play solution that connects your creative tool kits and data sources, making it much easier to locate and leverage your data. Not only will this make it easier to make informed decisions and release personalized CX, but it’ll also keep everyone on the same page since you’re working from the same information. 

Challenge: You want to learn from your creative, but you’re not sure how. 

Solution: Select a DCO solution that enables advanced, perpetual, and iterative testing. This will give you the freedom and framework necessary to run A/B tests, manage experiments, tweak creative, and adjust your strategy as needed in real time to take advantage of opportunities and implement lessons learned now when you can really benefit from them! 

Challenge: You’re seeking to scale your creative efforts, but your team is already maxed out. 

Solution: Using a simple-to-start solution that helps your creative team optimize more, use real-time data more, and innovate more is a great way to do more—without risking burnout or compromising quality for quantity. Many solutions also offer AI and automation capabilities that free your team from repetitive tasks so they can focus on the important stuff. If you’re interested in expanding your use of creative and enriching your CX use cases without extensive technical requirements, we’ve got you covered. 


Maximize Your Use of DCO Solutions with Innervate

Opting for high-quality dynamic creative optimization is the best way to ensure that your customer experiences are not just good—but exceptional. And in today's competitive market, exceptional is what you need to be.

Wondering how to make that happen? Innervate’s plug-and-play Experience Orchestration Platform gives you an intuitive way to upgrade your DCO processes and start seeing the benefits of leveled-up creative today. Check out our complimentary guide to learn more about the best ways to use your customer data to overcome DCO and CX challenges! And, if you’re interested in taking the next step, give our team a call to learn more about how we can support you and your business goals.


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Infographic: 4 Solutions for Overcoming Your CX Challenges