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Mobile Video Strategy Is No Longer a ‘Nice to Have’

, | March 11, 2024 | By

Once upon a time, mobile video was considered a totally optional digital marketing strategy.

That was then. Now, mobile video is table stakes for marketers and advertisers who want to meet customers where they are. Data is showing the importance of deploying engaging, credible video content—preferably simple-to-release videos that reflect individual users’ needs and goals.  

That can be challenging. (It may even seem impossible!) Before you make the investment, let’s take a look at why dynamic mobile video is mission critical and what you should prioritize in your video-making processes. 


Here’s Precisely Why Dynamic Mobile Video Is So Important

Need to rationalize spending more time and resources on mobile video? Here’s why dynamic mobile video can change the game for you: 

Mobile video captures a mobile-first audience. 

Today, the vast majority of people prefer using mobile devices to view video content. That means optimizing your content for mobile devices is nonnegotiable. 

Search engines are favoring good video content more and more. This means embedding mobile videos into your web content is key if you want to get on search engine results pages and in front of all users, mobile or not. 


Dynamic mobile video can provide higher engagement rates ...

The rise of educational, behind-the-scenes, casual, and conversational videos has made it easier than ever for brands to truly connect with their viewers

However, you need to balance quality with both authenticity and dynamic specificity to achieve the right mixture of consumer interest and deep resonation that the best mobile video can get! 


... And better conversion rates. 

Eighty-two percent of surveyed consumers report being swayed to purchase after watching a brand's video. This makes dynamic mobile video an incredible asset for influencing buying decisions. 

This is especially true if a video you release contains dynamic content catered to a customer’s demographic, which can make a high-quality video seem like it’s reading your customers’ minds and providing the exact solution they need to a problem they’re experiencing.


What’s Important Now in 2024? Smart Experimentation & Critical KPIs

Mobile video is changing how we engage, learn, and make decisions online. 

It’s also changing how we win digital marketing and advertising in 2024. If you’re interested in staying on the cutting edge of mobile video, smart experimentation and tracking the right key performance indicators (KPIs) are both essential strategies. 


Master enhanced mobile video technology.

Today’s mobile video tech is making video more accessible and more engaging than ever before. We have better-quality video (no more blurs!), faster internet speeds (no more lags!), and better compression algorithms (no more—or significantly less—buffering!). 

But that’s not all. By integrating dynamically personalized segments into your videos, you can tailor them to individual user behaviors and preferences. (Think: Serving video segments based on items the user has in their cart, or has viewed multiple times, or favorited.) This moves videos from being standardized broadcasts to personal user interactions. 

We’re also able to add interactive video features, from polls to links and beyond, to turn passive video viewers into active content participants. With these tools for increased connection, marketers and advertisers can forge strong, strategic relationships with their target audiences…and make every video uniquely engaging, based on personal customer data.  


Incorporate experimentation into routine processes.

With today’s tech, we’re able to learn as we go and implement lessons learned into content quickly. 

is a good thing. Trends, audience preferences, and tech capabilities are changing by the minute. By building A/B testing and experimentation into your ongoing processes, you can understand what works and improve the quality of planned content in near-real time. 


Identify and track the right KPIs.

To be successful in the mobile video industry, you can’t just roll out great content. You need to understand and measure the impact your videos make. 

KPIs that often align with campaign objectives include view rate, engagement rate, conversion rate, and brand lift. Selecting and tracking these or other KPIs as makes sense for your unique goals gives you baseline data to work with and (crucially!) a way to gauge how effective your mobile video strategies are. 


Lightning Round! Pro Tips for Mobile Video Success 

After you’ve implemented the above strategies, consider these quick-to-implement tips to make your mobile video strategy shine: 

  • Remember that quick engagement is critical. Focus on capturing the viewer's attention within the first three seconds. Front-load your message for immediate impact. 
  • Optimize your videos for accessibility. Remember that the sound might not always be on, so use captions and visuals to draw interest. 
  • Always include a call to action to guide viewer behavior.
  • Experiment, experiment, experiment! Use varied content styles and timing to refine your strategy based on incoming performance metrics. 

Ready to Embrace the Mobile Video Revolution? 

Videos present brands with an effective way to fuel engagement—and optimizing video content for mobile puts that strategic content precisely where viewers spend their time. If you’re ready to invest in compelling content that resonates deeply with your viewers, you’re in the right place. Take a quick glance at our simple-to-start solution that can help you deliver elements of world-class CX at scale without the stress. 



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