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RevJet Announces Version 5.0 of its Global Ad Serving App Suite for Fortune 500 Marketers

October 16, 2020 | By

Version 5.0 of RevJet’s App-Based Ad Server Suite Bolsters Cookie-less Personalization, Consent Management, Cross-device Identity Management, Advanced Attribution, and More

SAN CARLOS, Calif., October 16, 2020  RevJet, the only unified app-based platform that simplifies all aspects of digital ad experience management for Fortune 500 marketers, today announced a major update to their industry-leading Global Ad Serving App Suite. Version 5.0 bolsters RevJet’s Global Ad Serving Suite capabilities across the board, including streamlined cookie-less personalization, enhanced consent management, cross-device Identity Management, advanced attribution and more.

"Now more than ever, Fortune 500 markers need to simplify operations and maximize the impact of their marketing spend, while simultaneously improving their data and privacy posture in compliance with ever-changing laws, standards, and regulations,” said Mitchell Weisman, RevJet’s Founder and CEO. "This is why a growing number of RevJet’s Fortune 500 customers are deploying RevJet as their primary global ad server – enabling streamlined operations, a safer compliance structure, and elimination of non-working ad server costs – all without sacrificing any features or operational capabilities.”

This new version features:

  • Version 5.0 of The RevJet Global Ad Server App Suite: The RevJet Ad Server App Suite offers a modern, altogether different approach to deliver compelling omni-channel, cross-device marketing experiences simply, allowing customers to easily replace their outdated ad server to simplify marketing experience delivery – all while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad serving fees annually. Benefits include full transparency, no media-buying conflicts, and non-working dollar cost reduction – all in an accredited, ISO 27001 Certified, GDPR- and CCPA-compliant, easy-to-use system.  For more information about the RevJet Global Primary Ad Server, please visit: https://www.RevJet.com/global-primary-ad-server

  • Cookie-less Personalization: RevJet Consented Identity (RCI) powers personalized marketing experiences by combining first-party ad serving with the RevJet Universal ID.  Now, marketers can develop experiences that leverage first-party online & offline data, contextual information, and triggers without third-party cookies.  With RCI, marketers rest assured that omni-channel, personalized experiences get delivered flawlessly and in compliance with all privacy regulations.  For more information about consent management with RevJet, please visit: www.RevJet.com/identity

  • Advanced Attribution: As Fortune 500 marketers look to create multi-step, omni-channel buyer journeys, they face increasing complexity in determining which channels and creative experiences impact the bottom line. Whereas in the past metrics like last touch or CTR were the norm, modern marketers need to understand what drives performance in significantly more granularity. The RevJet Attribution Server (RAS) provides dependable, actionable insights to help brands measure and optimize campaigns across channels and devices.  For more information on advanced attribution on RevJet, please visit: www.RevJet.com/attribution

About RevJet

The RevJet Ad Experience Platform gives Fortune 500 marketers control over omnichannel digital ad experiences via a simple and sophisticated, unified platform. RevJet simplifies ad experience management by integrating with existing tech and media stacks to centrally manage ad experiences across all channels. The platform was purpose-built to power all ad creative use cases including DCO, personalization, audience management, creative performance visualization, experimentation, workflow, and self-optimizing performance competitions.


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